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Membership Form


There are new forms that must be filled out and signed, and many new procedures that must be followed.  All required forms are downloadable below. 


Payment by ETransfer:

If you have set up internet banking with your bank the most convenient way is to send us an E-Transfer.  First of all once you have logged into your bank account you have to set the club up as a recipient of Interac E- Transfers using the clubs email address Once that is done you simply specify the amount you want to send and add a message to let us know whether the payment you are making is for your membership fees or a donation to the sustainability fund.  Once you hit the send or verify button then your payment is automatically paid into our account.


Payment by Cheque

If you don’t choose to use Internet banking then you can write us a cheque and

a) mail the forms to the club at the following address.

Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club

PO Box 61551

Hillcrest Mall

9350 Yonge St

Richmond Hill


L4C 0C9


b) drop off c/o L. Kerr at 39 Centre St W, Richmond Hill

OLBA Insurance

In order for the club to be compliant with the OLBA for insurance coverage purposes, there are a number of forms that need to be signed by the members.  Before becoming a member, along with the Registration form there are the following forms that are required to be completed.

  • OLBA Waiver - once only

  • OLBA COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance - once only

  • RHLBC 2021 Protocol - once only

  • RHLBC Attendance and Declaration - to be initialed each time a member enters the property.



NOTE:  Payment and completed forms must be received BEFORE you can be scheduled to participate.

  1. 2022 Membership Form For Experienced Bowlers

  2. 2022 Membership Form For New Bowlers

RHLBC Voluntary Medical Form

This information will only be released in the case of a medical emergency. Please print your name on the envelope, seal the completed form inside, sign across the seal and return to RHLBC.


You can download a copy of our Voluntary Medical form.

2022 Fees


Fees for New Bowlers
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