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Volunteer Opportunites
Activities at the Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club are provided by member volunteers.
Activities include:
  • Member only events such as Strawberry Festival and New Bowlers Tournament. Refer to the full list of Member Events.
  • Open to the public events such as Doors Open and Open House. Refer to the full list of Member Events.
  • Open Tournaments such as the Helen Snare Memorial. Refer to the full list of Open Tournaments
  • Day to Day operations such as Regular Weekly Maintenance, Regular Bowling, Spring Startup, Fall Closing Events.
Types of help include, refreshments, green/grounds, garden and equipment setup/takedown.
Sign up in clubhouse or speak to an Executive member if you can help
More details of the opportunities to help out are listed below.



Open to Anyone – Regular Weekly Maintenance

  1. Clubhouse Cleaning [1-3] – clean bathrooms, vacuum/sweep/mop floors, wipe tables/counters

  2. Clubhouse Supplies [1-2] - inventory and purchase as necessary (kitchen, cleaning, beverages)

  3. Garbage/Recycling/Green Bin [1-2] – garbage to arena dumpster, blue/green bin contents home

  4. Newsletter [1] – weekly during season, monthly during Nov-April

  5. Ditches Weeding/Raking [1-2]

  6. Front Walkway Weeding [1-2]

  7. Painting – benches, tables, shelters, clubhouse, sheds – as required

  8. Boundary Weed Control [1-3] garlic mustard, dog strangling vine, hawthorn and buckthorn on West, North and East 

  9. Yard Waste Bags to Curb on Centre Street [1-2] Sunday afternoon for Monday pickup

Open to Anyone – Each Regular Bowling Time

  1. Drawmaster & Assistant [2] – arrange teams, tags on board, scorecards/boards

  2. Green Set Up [4-6]

  3. Equipment Away & Lockup, tags off board [2]

  4. Standings [1-2] – put results into Excel spreadsheet for Points Night, Rock n Bowl

Open to Anyone – Each Special Event (eg. Tournament, Exchange, Jitney, Doors Open, BBQ) 

  1. Green Set Up [4-6]

  2. Kitchen and Cleanup – 2.5 hour shifts [6]

  3. Green Take Down & Equipment Lock Up [2]

  4. 50-50/Share The Wealth Ticket Sales [1] – tournaments & exchanges only

  5. Photographer [1] – take photos of group and winners at tournaments, jitneys, exchanges

  6. Greeters [4 – Doors Open only]

  7. Membership [4 – Doors Open only]

  8. Chefs [2 – BBQ only]

  9. Registrar [1- BBQ only]

Open to Anyone - Some Training Required

  1. Event  Convener + Assistant

  2. Event Drawmaster + Assistant

  3. Event Kitchen Convener

  4. Coach (Doors Open, Rock n Bowl, New Bowlers Lessons, New Bowlers Tournament)

  5. Club Executive (Secretary, Treasurer, Greens, Membership, Tournaments, President, Past President, Vice President, Member at Large)

  6. Newsletter/Publicity (includes maintaining email database on gmail)

  7. Sponsorship (finding and liaison with sponsors)  

Many Hands Make Light Work 

  1. Spring Cleanup and Club Opening – a multitude of jobs – something for everyone! 

  2. Fall Club Closing – a multitude of jobs – something for everyone!

  3. Leaf Raking – all fall

  4. Sanding the Green - fall

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