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The Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club was established in 1918. A group of residents of the Village of Richmond Hill decided to form a corporation by soliciting an investment of $15 per share. This was accomplished through three five-dollar installments. The original list of shareholders, dated September 1918, hangs in the clubhouse today. On the list are people who have contributed to the town in many ways and who are renowned by having streets named in their honour.


In October 1918, Provincial Secretary William David MacPherson granted Letters Patent to the Club under the Ontario Corporations Act and the Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club became an official entity. The purpose of the Club, as shown on the Letters Patent, is to:


  •  provide a lawn bowling green in the Village of Richmond Hill

  •  promote the game of lawn bowling

  •  hold or arrange lawn bowling competitions

  •  cooperate with other associations with similar objectives

  •  acquire land and buildings required for the purposes of the corporation

  •  raise money by subscriptions and to grant privileges to the subscribers


In December of 1918, with the money provided by the shareholders, the club purchased a piece of property behind the home of one of the shareholders for the sum of $225. This property included a laneway giving access to the street.  In January of 1925, a smaller piece of property was purchased from a neighbour for $90. These properties form the location of the Club to this day.


Over the years, the Club has evolved. At one time, there were so many members that a cap on the number was made. This has since been removed. There were separate women’s and men’s sections but this feature no longer exists.


Our members have been very active in the sport. We boast many District and Provincial Champions and one National Champion. For our in-club competitions, we have had several trophies and artifacts donated over the years by previous members. A look at the winners’ trophies reveals the names of members of this community over the years. They also display the names of people from other Clubs who have come to enjoy playing at our Club.


The clubhouse stands on the west side of the property and has a grand cedar wood porch where members sit and discuss lawn bowling or any other topic of choice. The east side of the building features many windows, making the interior bright and providing a great view of the green. The building is fully equipped with a spacious kitchen and washroom facilities. It has a large meeting/banquet room where we proudly display our numerous trophies and pennants.


Visit the Club for a history or lawn bowling lesson!


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