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Here is a list of Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club’s policies and guidelines:

We comply with the lightning safety and preparedness standards issued by Environment Canada, and adopted by Bowls Canada and Ontario Lawn Bowls Association.

  1. At first sound of thunder or observation of lightning, play shall be suspended immediately, and all participants shall be ordered from the green to find appropriate shelter (in the clubhouse, NOT in a shed or under a shelter). 

  2. Play will not resume until at least 30 minutes have passed since the last sight of lightning or the sound of thunder. 

Guest Bowlers 
If a member wants to introduce family or friends to the sport, that will be free for the first visit. If said friends/family want to come again, they should either sign up for Learn 2 Lawn Bowl, join the club, or pay the daily fee. The daily fee (which includes bowls rental if needed)  
for a guest is $20 cash, payable to the day's draw master. Payment may be waived at the Club’s discretion.  All guests need to fill out a waiver the first time they bowl at RHLBC. 


Hot Weather Guidelines 
1. If the humidex reaches 35, it is advised club bowling be limited to 8 ends. More can be played, but all players must be in agreement.
2. If a Heat Alert is issued by Environment Canada, daytime bowling is not advised. In such a situation, it is likely the drawmaster(s) may not be present.
Lawn bowlers are reminded that all lawn bowling is at your own risk.  Sometimes people don’t know until it’s too late that they are in trouble with heat illness. It can come on very quickly, and may result in a medical emergency.  Older people and those on certain medications are much more susceptible. Symptoms of heat illness can range from fatigue, dizziness, nausea, headache, chills, and feeling light-headed, to unconsciousness, and seizures.  


If an accident or incident occurs that results in illness or injury to a person, or damage to club property, an Accident/Incident Report Form is to be completed by the person responding to the accident/incident, and one of the Board of Directors notified as soon as possible.  Accident/Incident Report Forms are orange and are on the clipboard on top of the first aid kit on the filing cabinet behind the drawmaster's desk.  They must be completed in full.  The Incident Report will help us ensure that any first aid supplies used witl be replenished asap

Hot Weather Guidelines
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