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New Bowlers Tournament
  • Saturday August 7- Pending

  • 1:30 p.m. Start

  • Social Format

  • 2 x 6-end games

New Bowlers Tournament
19NBT Groupcropped.jpg
Want to Join Us?
Sign up in the clubhouse,
Want to Join Us?
Sign up in the clubhouse,


The 6th annual New Bowlers Tournament was held on Saturday July 27, due to extreme heat and humidity on the original date of July 20.  Unfortunately 8 players and 10 coaches/helpers were unable to make the rescheduled date.  6 teams played 2 x 6 ends due to the warm weather.  A Spider Contest was held to start things off, with a Tim’s gift card for the winner.  Bowlers spread out around the perimeter of the green and on Go, all rolled their bowl towards a jack in the centre.  When the collisions were all over, Sarah B’s bowl was closest to the jack!  For the third year in a row, Connie  won the tournament, with Sarah as her partner.  Second place went to Gillian  (recruited from coaching to playing to make even numbers) and Max   Maryann, Annie and Graham took third. 

Thanks to everyone who bowled, coached, and helped clean everything up afterward, including the clubhouse!!

19NBT 1stcropped

1st Place - Connie & Sarah B

19NBT 2ndcropped

2nd Place - Gillian & Max

19NBT 3rdcropped

3rd Place - Graham, Annie, Maryann

19NBT Spider Contest winner with Sarah B

Spider Contest winner with Terry - Sara B

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